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Best Urologist in Bangalore | Dr Salanki's Center for Urology
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Dr. Prabhudev M Salanki
Best Urologist in Bangalore

Senior Consultant Uro Oncologist & Endo Urologist

A Wealth of Experience To Heal and Help You.

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Welcome to Centre Of Urology Bangalore

If you are in pursuit of the best urologist in Bangalore, don’t look beyond Dr Prabhudev M Salanki. He is an experienced and popular uro-oncologist and endo urologist. Urologists in Bangalore are always committed to supporting women and men with various pelvic and urinary health issues. 

Dr Salanki has accumulated decades of experience in managing the full range of bladder, prostate conditions and pelvic floor illnesses. We know how badly urology issues can affect our lives. At times, these conditions can drag on for years. 

Dr Salanki’s passion for urology allowed him to evolve as one of India’s best uro-oncologists and endo urologists. He is also one of the most renowned urologists in Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Currently, he is the most reliable urology doctor in Bangalore to help you recover from urological diseases. Dr Salanki is also an expert in minimally-invasive surgeries. From UI tract infections to an enlarged prostate, you can count on his expertise.

Our Urology Services

Expertise for Best Urologist in Bangalore

Dr Salanki is an expert and vastly experienced uro-oncologist in Bangalore. He can treat cancers  …

If you are seeking a urology specialist in Bangalore for male urological problems, we have you covered…

Urologic conditions affect both men and women. However, women may experience…

Enlargement of the prostate is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. This condition arises when …

Urinary stones or bladder stones are hard masses of minerals in your bladder. These hard masses… 

A Urinary Tract Infection, also known as UTI, is a common type of infection in your urinary system…

Urology problems are rare in children. However, they still do occur. You will always want your child…

Dr Salanki’s Specialities

Being the best urologist in Bangalore, Dr Salanki can treat many urological conditions. He is highly skilled in treating urological conditions that affect the female urinary system and the male genitourinary tract. He offers specialised care in the following areas of urology.

  • Urinary incontinence surgery
  • Robotic surgery
  • Minimally-invasive urology
  • Endo urology
  • Ureteroscopy
  • Prostate laser surgery
  • Genitourinary surgery

With his immense expertise, Dr Salanki ensures you get the best possible diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. Dr Salanki also possesses diverse skills in routine and complex urological conditions. One of the key highlights of Dr Salanki is that he involves you in all decisions.

Based on your conditions, he will tailor the treatment. As the top urology specialist in Bangalore, Dr Salanki has the latest minimally invasive treatment devices in the clinic. He can perform most urological assessments in a non-hospital and relaxed setting. Don’t let your daily schedule get derailed by urological issues. Consult with Dr Prabhudev M Salanki for the best treatment.

Best Uro Oncologist & Endo Urologist in Bangalore

At the Urologist in Bangalore, we have a high-volume caseload experience of treating patients with varied conditions. Your UI tract eliminates excess waste from the body. The kidneys, the bladders and the urethra work normally in a consistent manner.

However, problems can occur and affect our body’s urinary system. You should consult a urologist if there are issues with the UI tract. Here are certain situations when you should consult a Urologist in Bangalore.

  • Trouble urinating
  • Blood in the urine
  • Infertility
  • Pelvic pain
  • Changes in your body’s urination pattern
  • Urinating when you don’t want to

As the best urologist in Bangalore, Dr Salanki can diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases. During your first visit, Dr Salanki will thoroughly assess your condition. He will prescribe the right treatment for you based on your present condition.

You should be prepared to answer questions about your medical history. During the first consultation, it is perfectly normal if Dr Salanki orders a few diagnostic tests. Both men and women can experience bladder problems or kidney stones.

Women are prone to urinary tract infections. On the other hand, men are vulnerable to illnesses associated with the prostate. Here is the list of our versatile urology services you should know.

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A urologist is a doctor who specialises in treating conditions that affect the human urinary system. In most cases, urologists can also provide care to prevent diseases that affect the human reproductive system.

Urologists can treat a wide variety of conditions, from UI tract infections to prostate cancers. If you need care for urinary issues, sexual problems or pelvic pain, consult with Dr Salanki.

An expert and experienced urologist can treat numerous urology diseases. A urologist specialises in treating issues of the UI tract along with external reproductive organs. Here are some of the common illnesses that urologists can treat.

  • Enlarged prostate
  • Kidney stones
  • Cancer in the urinary system
  • Prostate cancer
  • Infertility
  • UI tract infections

To consult a urologist online in Bangalore, consult with us. As the best urologist in Bangalore, Dr Salanki will offer online consultations. Consult with us if you have an ailing condition or a patient that affects your mobility.

Dr Salanki is the best urologist in Bangalore because of his experience and expertise. He is highly skilled in specialised clinical care. His dedicated service enabled him to be nominated for clinical excellence awards in the NHS, UK. He is also an active member of the prestigious Urology Society of India.