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Urinary Tract Infection Treatment - Causes | Symptoms | Best Treatment
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Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

What is Urinary Tract Infection ?

A Urinary Tract Infection, also known as UTI, is a common type of infection in your urinary system. A UTI can involve any part of your urinary system. For instance, it can include the bladder, kidneys, urethra, etc. Dr Salanki offers holistic medical care to treat UTIs. 

UTIs can have severe repercussions on the overall health of your body’s urinary system. Bacteria get to contaminate the urinary system and cause UTIs. Infection and inflammation are some of the most common conditions in UTIs. 

Being the top urology doctor, Dr Salanki will tailor treatment based on your condition. In most cases, he prescribes antibiotics. However, you may need to undergo a few diagnostic tests for effective treatment.



Causes of Urinary tract infection.

  • Infection of Staphylococcus Saprophyticus, Escherichia Coli.
  • Lack of personal Hygiene.
  • Birth control pills.
  • Mutiple sexual partners.
  • Frequent/intense intercourse.
  • Irritation caused due to spermicide, diaphragms and contraceptives.
  • Irritable cosmetics like cleansers, genital, vaginal creams.
  • Over dosage of antibiotics.
  • Tumor/ masses of cancerous or other cells in the urinary tract.
  • Previous history of UTI.
  • Urinary incontinence.
  • Insufficient fluid intake.
  • Frequent baths.
  • Suppressing paasage of urine for too long.
  • Weak immune system.
  • Kidney stones,.
  • Diabetes- High blood sugar spilled in the urine.
  • Pregnancy- Hormonal changes.
  • Low estrogen hormone levels during menopause.
  • Prolonged hospital stay/ use of cathereter.
  • Structural problem by birth.

When to approach your doctor?:

  • There can be absolutely no symptoms.
  • Painful/ Burning Urinattion
  • Strong odour of the urine.
  • Blood/ pus in the urine.
  • Cloudy urine.
  • Frequent and urgent urination.
  • Cramps in the lower abdomen.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Malaise.
  • UTI in Babies:
  • Fever without reason.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Vomiting.
  • Odour of urine.
  • Behaviour changed to fussiness.
  • UTI in elderly women:
  • Behavioural changes.
  • Delirium/ agitation.
  • UTI infected kidneys:
  • Fever/ Chills.
  • Nausea/ Vomiting.
  • Lower back acheon either side.

Types Urinary Tract Infection:

  • Occurs in different body parts of the urinary system (urethra, ureter, bladder, kidneys).
  • Cystisis: Lower urinary tract infection.
  • Pyelonephritis: Upper urinary tract infection treatment specially in the kidneys.
  • Recurrent UTI:
  • UTI’s often reoccur in 30% – 40% of cases within 6 months after treatment.
  • Reason:
  • Initial treatment of antibiotics has only suppressed the bacteria but it is not the right long term cure.
  • UTI due to a different type of bacteria.

Urinary Tract Infection Diagnosis:

  • Analysis of Urine sample.
  • Urine culture.
  • Ultrasound.
  • CT- scan (computerized tomography).
  • Cytoscopy.

Urinary Tract Infection Treatments:

  • Oral antibiotics: Infection of the lower urinary tract.
  • Intravenous antibiotics: Infection of the upper urinary tract.
  • Prevention & Pre-Caution Is Better Than Cure:
  • Water intake- 6 to 8 glasses per day.
  • Water intake during sex.
  • Not suppressing the urge to urinate for a long time.
  • Genital Hygiene (vaginal, rectal).
  • Genital wiping movement- front to back.
  • Comfortable preferably cotton fabric underwear.
  • Avoid tight clothes.
  • No tub baths. Shift to showers instead.

All above, treatments are finalized taking into consideration the overall health, severity, age and other ailments of the patient.


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