Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

What is Urinary Tract Infection ?

urinary tract infection (UTI) is a name given to several bacterial infections or any obstruction/ blockage that can affect any part of the female urinary system i.e. the urethra, ureter, bladder, kidneys. UIT’s occurs in women more than men. 50% of the women are susceptible to UTI atleast once in a lifetime. UTI’s in the bladder are easily curable. If left unattended, the infection rises upto the kidneys and can develop severe symptoms and even kidney damage.



Causes of Urinary tract infection.

  • Infection of Staphylococcus Saprophyticus, Escherichia Coli.
  • Lack of personal Hygiene.
  • Birth control pills.
  • Mutiple sexual partners.
  • Frequent/intense intercourse.
  • Irritation caused due to spermicide, diaphragms and contraceptives.
  • Irritable cosmetics like cleansers, genital, vaginal creams.
  • Over dosage of antibiotics.
  • Tumor/ masses of cancerous or other cells in the urinary tract.
  • Previous history of UTI.
  • Urinary incontinence.
  • Insufficient fluid intake.
  • Frequent baths.
  • Suppressing paasage of urine for too long.
  • Weak immune system.
  • Kidney stones,.
  • Diabetes- High blood sugar spilled in the urine.
  • Pregnancy- Hormonal changes.
  • Low estrogen hormone levels during menopause.
  • Prolonged hospital stay/ use of cathereter.
  • Structural problem by birth.

When to approach your doctor?:

  • There can be absolutely no symptoms.
  • Painful/ Burning Urinattion
  • Strong odour of the urine.
  • Blood/ pus in the urine.
  • Cloudy urine.
  • Frequent and urgent urination.
  • Cramps in the lower abdomen.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Malaise.
  • UTI in Babies:
  • Fever without reason.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Vomiting.
  • Odour of urine.
  • Behaviour changed to fussiness.
  • UTI in elderly women:
  • Behavioural changes.
  • Delirium/ agitation.
  • UTI infected kidneys:
  • Fever/ Chills.
  • Nausea/ Vomiting.
  • Lower back acheon either side.

Types Urinary Tract Infection:

  • Occurs in different body parts of the urinary system (urethra, ureter, bladder, kidneys).
  • Cystisis: Lower urinary tract infection.
  • Pyelonephritis: Upper urinary tract infection treatment specially in the kidneys.
  • Recurrent UTI:
  • UTI’s often reoccur in 30% – 40% of cases within 6 months after treatment.
  • Reason:
  • Initial treatment of antibiotics has only suppressed the bacteria but it is not the right long term cure.
  • UTI due to a different type of bacteria.

Urinary Tract Infection Diagnosis:

  • Analysis of Urine sample.
  • Urine culture.
  • Ultrasound.
  • CT- scan (computerized tomography).
  • Cytoscopy.

Urinary Tract Infection Treatments:

  • Oral antibiotics: Infection of the lower urinary tract.
  • Intravenous antibiotics: Infection of the upper urinary tract.
  • Prevention & Pre-Caution Is Better Than Cure:
  • Water intake- 6 to 8 glasses per day.
  • Water intake during sex.
  • Not suppressing the urge to urinate for a long time.
  • Genital Hygiene (vaginal, rectal).
  • Genital wiping movement- front to back.
  • Comfortable preferably cotton fabric underwear.
  • Avoid tight clothes.
  • No tub baths. Shift to showers instead.

All above, treatments are finalized taking into consideration the overall health, severity, age and other ailments of the patient.


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