Penile Correction Surgery

What is Penile Correction Surgery

Penile curvature can be acquired/ congenital, which can make the sexual intercourse painful/ difficult based on the severity of the condition and the amount of internal bleeding due to the plaque. Congenital penile curvature is caused by an scar ie invisible plaque under the penile shaft or can be left to right that is laterally along the penis. Acquired penile curvature is caused by an scar ie invisible plaque in the corpus cavernosa along the penis, this is also known as Peyronie’s disease. More susceptible than the younger and older men are the middle aged men. The scar tissue does not allow full erection and hence the penis appears curved during an erection.

Dr. Prabhudev M Salanki offers Peyronie’s Disease Surgery.


  • Reducted flexibility.
  • Erection causing severe pain.
  • Bended erection.
  • Occurrence of scar tissue on some body parts like hands/ feet.

Diagnosis for Penile Curvature:

  • Physical examination.
  • Erection analysis.
  • Biopsy.

Treatment- Penile Correction Surgery:

  • Surgery is the most effective technique for penile correction.
  • Surgery is recommended only in such cases where patients do not respond to the medication therapy or the other non-surgical therapies or those patients whose penile curvature is persistent for more than 12 months.
  • Amongst the various surgery options that exist, the urologist recommends the surgery which is best suited for the patient according to the penis size, medical history and other disorders.
    Unaffected Side Surgery:
  • This is also known as the Nesbit method used in case of good penis sizes. It involves shortening of that side of the penis which is not scar tissue affected. However, this may result in overall penis size reduction.
    Affected Side Surgery:
  • This is used in case of short penis sizes. It involves shortening of that side of the penis which is scar tissue affected.
  • Here, the surgeon replaces the fibroid area with synthetic/ autologous tissues.
  • This is an invasive surgical penile implant procedure. Implants also help to correct erectile dysfunction and abnormalities.

Following are Penile Surgery Techniques:

  Plication Grafting Penile prosthesis
Surgery Procedure In order to pull the penis to normal or middle, stitches are used on that side of the penis which is longer. Incision is used on shorter penis side. To match the longer side, a graft (pig/vein) or small intestine graft is placed To straighten the penis and correct erection, a prosthesis is applied.
Penile length Same length as the flaccid state stretched penis. Half to 1 inch longer than the length of the stretched penis Same length as the stretched penis
Post Surgery Impotency Risk Very rare Depends on the penile circulation & varies from 10 to 50% N/A
Nerve injury Rare Often Often
Operation Span Only an hour 3 – 4 hours 3 – 4 hours
Anesthesia Given Sedation combined with local Epidural/ General Epidural/ General
Hospital Stay No Hospital Stay Overnight Overnight
Start regular work 1 day 2 – 3 days 2 – 3 weeks
Sexual intercourse resume in 5 weeks 8 weeks 5 – 6 weeks
Other Risks Not effective for the hourglass deformity/ indentation. The second incision might be necessary if vein is used Infection risk is high

Side Effects Of Surgery:

  • Partial loss of erectile function/ rigidity.
  • Shortened erection.
  • Swelling in the operated area.


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